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Re: st: stcrreg: startifications and median survival?

From   Enzo Coviello <>
Subject   Re: st: stcrreg: startifications and median survival?
Date   Wed, 14 Oct 2009 20:58:36 +0200

Hi Wei Xun,

However, I noticed that unlike stcox, stcrreg does not allow any
stratification terms within the model. Are there any particular
reasons why this not possible?
A further complication in the competing risks regression with respect to the usual cause-specific survival model is that we must take into account the censoring distribution that varies across different strata. The censoring distribution provides weights used in the estimation of the competing risks model.

Note also that a -strata- option (i.e. an option allowing different baseline hazard of the subdistribution for each value of the stratavar) is not available within the -cmprsk- package too written by Fine and Gray themselves.
Therefore, I suspect that  this topic is not completely explored until now.

Could I alternatively use stcompet to calculate the cumulative incidence
curve and estimate it from the point of 50%?
This should not be correct.
Note that 1-Cumulative Incidence is not a Survival probability and that this function (1-CI) is not easily interpretable in practical research.

Best wishes


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