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st: weird margins

From   Rich Steinberg <>
Subject   st: weird margins
Date   Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:31:39 -0400

I run a tobit because of left censoring at zero, then want to use margins to predict the marginal slope for the observable dependent variable atotgiv.

Everything looks ok except in the output appears
Expression: E(atotgiv*|atotgiv>otherrelh), predict (ystar(0,.))

The appearance of otherrelh in this expression is mysterious. This is another dummy variable used as a control. I didn't program it to look at that, and I think it should read, instead, E(atotgiv*|atotgiv>0), etc.

Is this a bug?  A mistake on my part?  A misunderstanding?

Here is the exact command and headers for the results:

margins, predict(ystar(o,.)) dydx( earn01 assety01 welfare01 nonwelfare01 annuapprecinh annuownwealthn annuheq )

Average marginal effects Number of obs = 4935
Model VCE    : Robust

Expression   : E(atotgiv*|atotgiv>otherrelh), predict(ystar(o,.))
dy/dx w.r.t. : earn01 assety01 welfare01 nonwelfare01 annuapprecinh
              annuownwealthn annuheq

Rich Steinberg
Department of Economics, 516 Cavanaugh Hall
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140

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