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RE: st: Debugging tool

From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Debugging tool
Date   Thu, 20 Aug 2009 22:16:04 -0700

> This feature would be very useful for me.
> Howie Lempel
> I strongly, strongly, strongly support this request.
> Fred Wolfe
>> I would like to have a tool (say with set debug on) that shows (without set
>> trace on) after a command that ends in an error
>> Wim van Putten

Debugging doesn't really bother me, but I would like to see universal 
loop indicators accessible from inside the loops. In the following example, 
myprogram doesn't know anything about the loops outside it.
for ... {
   for ... {
      myprogram ...
You could manually pass that information to the program, but presumably 
Stata already knows about the loops, and that inforamtion could be made 
available to any embedded program that wishes to know (1) how far down it 
is being embedded, (2) what is the name of counter/variable that is 
used to operate the loops, and (3) what values are contained in those 
Among other things this type of function could be useful for debugging. 
It would tell you where you are, instead having you go through a trace 
Something like this is already available for byable programs in the form 
of _byindex, _byvars, _byrc0, bylastcall( ), etc, so it's probably not
too far fetched.
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