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I am thinking maybe I could use one of the following way  to do this:
(1) During matrix calculation, I include the probability weight as an
additional column. So, I can do the t-test without coming back to the
original data set.
(2)After matrix calculation, I convert the results into variables for
each female and add the new variables to the original data set. Then
do the t test in the original data set.

As to (2),  I am not sure using --svmat--how to make sure the new
variables converted from matrices match the ID numbers in the original
data set(each matrix is only for female, but the data set includes
male and female). Could I expand the matrix by adding zero rows for
male before converting variables? And I am not sure which one of the
two ways  is easier.

If there is anything I need to clarify, please let me know. Thanks for
your help!

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