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Re: st: using vector notation to simplify coding

From   Dan Waldo <>
Subject   Re: st: using vector notation to simplify coding
Date   Thu, 13 Aug 2009 17:19:43 -0400

Thanks to all who replied to my question -- Marten, Michael and Kit, who 
provided nice solutions, and Nick, who pointed to a helpful FAQ (if I 
haven't listed somebody, it's because my email server sometimes gets a 
little funky). As Kit pointed out, there are several ways to approach 
this problem, ranging from the elegant to the more elegant -- not 
including my original "hit it with a stick"  -- and I am off to the races!

This forum, more than anything else, has shaped my opinion of Stata as 
being user-friendly. Thanks to all for creating a very real sense of 
community .


Nick Cox wrote:
> This generated a lively and continuing discussion. This is just to point
> out that -search array- points to an FAQ by William Gould. I suspect
> that if he were writing that now he would say less about -while- and
> more about -forvalues-. 
> Nick 
> Dan Waldo
> I have data in monthly expenditures in variables ing_1 through ing_6,
> and survey months in variables mes_1 through mes_6 (these vary from
> respondent to respondent). I wish to adjust the monthly expenditures for
> inflation, and I have deflation factors in variables def_1 through
> def_12.
> I am pretty accomplished in SAS, but only a novice in Stata. In SAS I
> would say:
> array def {12} def_1 - def_12;
> array ing {6} ing_1 - ing_6;
> array mes {6} mes_1 - mes_6;
> do t=1 to 6;
>    month=mes{t};
>    ing{t}=ing{t}/def{month};
>    end;
> I have been searching unsuccessfully for the Stata analogue to this; I
> am sure it is written somewhere and I am just not using the best search
> terms.
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