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st: no Stata 11 icons in XP

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   st: no Stata 11 icons in XP
Date   Mon, 10 Aug 2009 10:19:58 -0400

This is the most minor of quibbles, but I have installed
StataSE 11 on two XP machines (one 32bit, one 64bit), and
in neither case can I persuade XP to use the Stata icons
for DTA, DO, and ADO files. The file types are registered,
and I've jiggled the default behaviour successfully, and
when I "change icon" in the file type dialog box, I get the
full list of Stata icons, and can select one, but it will
not take.

This could just as easily (more easily) be an XP issue, but
for someone who spends much of their day looking at directories
of Stata DTA and DO files, it is disconcerting that they all
have Wordpad icons. Anyone else have this problem?


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