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Re: st: Standard normal Depvar

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Standard normal Depvar
Date   Thu, 06 Aug 2009 10:50:21 -0500

Exponentiation will get you all positives. After that many options are open.

Evans Jadotte wrote:

Nick Cox wrote:
This produces zero or positive values.

Less pedantically, if the variable is already standard normal, why does it need transforming?


Maarten buis wrote:

--- On Wed, 5/8/09, Evans Jadotte wrote:
I am trying to run a regression where the dependent
variable has a standard normal distribution (those of you
familiar with the "wealth index based on the PCA analysis",
this is my Depvar). However, I need to have the prediction to be all positive to use for transforming.
How can I transform  the Depvar in order  to
force  xb^ to take on positive values?

Here is one option:

reg y x1 x2
predict yhat
sum yhat, meanonly
gen yhatprime = yhat + abs(r(min))

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Thanks to Maarten and Nick for their insight and comment on my question.

I have both negative values and zeros in the /depvar /(/y/)/, /so/ /the forecast, xb, will reflect such values. And as I will need sqrt(xb) for further transformation at later stages, I need to transform /y/ so that xb takes on all 'strictly' positive values and still preserve normality of /y/. Maarten's suggestion indeed generates a 0 and the transformation I need is in y (not yhat = xb). I have been trying a Box-Cox power transform but results are not satisfactory.

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