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st: Regarding using pathreg with svy command

From   "Chang, Maria C" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Regarding using pathreg with svy command
Date   Mon, 3 Aug 2009 23:09:04 -0500

Dear Statlisters,

Currently I am in a dilemma of trying to figure out how to use the svy command in STATA along with the pathreg command I found provided by UCLA ATS staff .  However, I have not been able to find a solution and STATA staff was not able to assist at this point.  I was wondering if anyone out there have tried this?  In addition, does anyone know of another pathreg command that deals with categorical data?  Thank you in advance all for your help and I hope I will be able to find a solution soon.  

Warm regards,
Maria Chang MPH RD LD
Consultant Dietitian/Behavioral Sciences Doctoral Student
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To: Chang, Maria C
Subject: Re: Registered for UT Houston School of Public Health-License 

Dear Maria,

Currently, we don't have a command for path analysis for
categorical data. I'm not aware of any user-written command




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To Whom It May Concern,

I am interested in using STATA to conduct Path Analysis for categorical
variables.  However, the only Path Analysis command I can find through
different search was from the UCLA website
(  The command
they've provided is for continuous variables and the regression model.
(Pathreg; regress command). 

Due to the categorical nature of my variables, I was wondering if there
are any commands for (Pathlogit)???  In addition, is there any way I can
add survey weight into the mix with the Path Analysis?  Are there any
additional resources available for me to learn about all of this in more

Best regards,


Maria Chang MPH RD LD
Behavioral Sciences Doctoral student

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