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Re: st: Restricting range of values in a graph

Subject   Re: st: Restricting range of values in a graph
Date   Thu, 16 Jul 2009 09:39:39 -0400

The -separate- option of -stripplot- is very nice, just what the
poster wanted.  Another advantage of -stripplot- is that, like
-dotplot-,  it will show when a boxplot may mislead, as  when the data
are bimodal.

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 9:11 AM, Nick Cox<> wrote:
> I almost totally agree with Steve's advice. He uses the word Winsorize a
> little more widely than is standard. (By the way, I can assure anyone
> who reads that FAQ that the misbegotten word "gotten" did not appear in
> my original draft.)
> I'd favour making the omission of outliers a little more evident. In
> this and some other respects -stripplot, box- is more flexible than
> -graph box- or -graph hbox-. -stripplot- is downloadable from SSC.
> Consider as an example -price- in the auto dataset.
> sysuse auto
> clonevar price2 = price
> replace price2 = 14000 if price2 > 14000
> stripplot price2, over(foreign) box center stack width(250) ///
> xla(4000(2000)12000 14000 "outliers")
> gen outliers = price > 14000
> stripplot price2, over(foreign) box center stack width(250)
> xla(4000(2000)12000 14000 "outliers") ///
> separate(outliers) ms(oh S) legend(off)
> Nick
> Try the -nooutside- option or switch to another scale and show
> everything. See: Nick Cox's FAQ at
> .   What he
> demonstrates can apply to scales other than the log.
> If you want to show some of the outside points, but not all, you will
> have to Winsorize the points you want to hide.  Replace them with a
> value at the upper end of your desired graph range and give them an
> invisible marker symbol.  This will leave the rest of the boxplot
> unchanged.  You can add text at that value to show the number of
> higher points excluded.
> This problem comes up for other  commands in which Stata computes the
> plotting points; -stcurve- is an example.   Stata has a -range- option
> for axes, but it can only expand, not contract, the plotting range.
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 3:09 AM, Dana Chandler<>
> wrote:
>> I am preparing some graphs with simple boxplots over various groups.
>> Thus on my x-axis, I have categorical variables for population groups.
>> My y-axis has # of businesses of a certain type within each population
>> group.
>> Unfortunately, I would like to be able to only show the y-axis within
>> a certain range (so as to not have outliers distort the picture). One
>> idea I had was to simply do the graph and add "IF #businesses < 50".
>> This will make the graph visible, but will distort the IQR of the
>> boxplot. The "yscale(r(0 25))" command does not seem to work and seems
>> only to "extend" a range of y-values rather than restrict it. Does
>> anyone have a suggestion for how to construct a graph for the entire
>> range of data but only display it over a specific range?
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