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st: Restricting range of values in a graph

From   Dana Chandler <>
Subject   st: Restricting range of values in a graph
Date   Thu, 16 Jul 2009 02:09:14 -0500

I am preparing some graphs with simple boxplots over various groups.
Thus on my x-axis, I have categorical variables for population groups.
My y-axis has # of businesses of a certain type within each population

Unfortunately, I would like to be able to only show the y-axis within
a certain range (so as to not have outliers distort the picture). One
idea I had was to simply do the graph and add "IF #businesses < 50".
This will make the graph visible, but will distort the IQR of the
boxplot. The "yscale(r(0 25))" command does not seem to work and seems
only to "extend" a range of y-values rather than restrict it. Does
anyone have a suggestion for how to construct a graph for the entire
range of data but only display it over a specific range?

Thanks in advance,
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