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Re: st: summing variables that have similar names

From   Richard Goldstein <>
Subject   Re: st: summing variables that have similar names
Date   Tue, 14 Jul 2009 11:38:10 -0400

use -egen- rather than -gen-

you do not need a loop


Dear Statalisters,

I was wondering if someone can help me figure out this:

I have several variables that are mutually exclusive. In other words, if one has a value, the others are missing. I want to sum them into a single variable so that all observations have a value. They start with the same few letters, say xyz but have different letters or numbers thereafter.

I tried: gen newvar=sum(xyz*) but it didn't work out. Is there another way to do this? I am guessing a loop?

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide,



May Baydoun, PhD in Epidemiology (UNC-Chapel Hill)  Staff Scientist,  National Institute on Aging, NIH/IRP,  Biomedical Research Center,  Baltimore, MD
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