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st: 'movestay' command

From   Clemence Berson <>
Subject   st: 'movestay' command
Date   Tue, 07 Jul 2009 18:41:22 +0200


My current working paper compares the discrimination between the private
and public sectors. I am using the Stata command 'movestay' developed by Lokshin and Sajaia. I would like to know whether it is possible to use control variables which are not present in the probit equation of sector choice with this stata command.

lnw_1i = beta_1 (age age2 reg contract nbemployees) + u_1i
lnw_2i = beta_2 (age age2 reg contract nbemployees) + u_2i
I= delta(lnw_1i - lnw2i) + gamma(age age2 reg maritalstatus csp_parents) + mu_i

where the type of contract and the number of employees in the firm do not enter in the probability of working in a particular sector. Is there an option to avoid adding these variables to the estimation of I and getting the value of delta ?

Thanks for your help,

Clémence Berson

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