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RE: st: Stata 11 data format

From   "Philip Ryan" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Stata 11 data format
Date   Tue, 30 Jun 2009 09:23:34 +0930

thanks Alan


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Subject: Re: st: Stata 11 data format

Philip Ryan ( and  Markus Hahn
( asked about Stata 11's .dta format:

> Are there any differences in the .dta files produced by Stata 11 compared
> with those produced by Stata 10? (which is to say, under Stata 11, will we
> need to use -saveold- or a new version of Stat/Transfer to maintain
> compatibility with Stata 10?)

The Stata 11 .dta format is identical to the Stata 10 .dta format.
-saveold-, in both Stata 11 and Stata 10, saves data in Stata 9's .dta

> What interests me personally is whether variable/dataset labels can now
> consist of more than 80 characters. In my view, this is a huge
> limitation and should be changed.

Variable and dataset labels still have a maximum length of 80 characters.
I am not sure what Markus wants to put in the labels that is longer
than 80 characters, but Stata's ability to put -notes- on variables
and the dataset as a whole are what I would recommend.  Individual
notes may be up to 67,784 characters long, and each variable and
the dataset as a whole may have up to 9,999 notes.

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