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Re: st: Getting data from NBER to STATA

From   Austin Nichols <>
Subject   Re: st: Getting data from NBER to STATA
Date   Thu, 21 May 2009 12:20:13 -0400


ssc install ddf2dct
help ddf2dct

and note the extra step for CPS files after infiling is to -replace-
household and family record variables with something like:

unab x: hrecord-frecord
loc x: subinstr local x "frecord" "", all
loc x: subinstr local x "hrecord" "", all
qui foreach v of local x {
 replace `v'=`v'[_n-1] if hrecord>1
unab x: frecord-precord
loc x: subinstr local x "precord" "", all
loc x: subinstr local x "frecord" "", all
qui foreach v of local x {
 replace `v'=`v'[_n-1] if hrecord==3

Also bear in mind that the weights are on the file, but other survey
characteristics are not--you can get close though--see:

Michael Davern, Arthur Jones Jr, James Lepkowski, Gestur Davidson,
Lynn A Blewett. 2007. "Estimating regression standard errors with data
from the Current Population Survey's public use file." Inquiry 44
"This study examines whether reasonable standard errors for
multivariate models can be calculated using the public use file of the
Current Population Survey's Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS
ASEC). We restrict our analysis to the 2003 CPS ASEC and model three
dependent variables at the individual level. income, poverty, and
health insurance coverage. We compare standard error estimates
performed on the CPS ASEC public use file with those obtained from the
Census Bureau's restricted internal data that include all the relevant
sampling information needed to compute standard errors adjusted for
the complex survey sample design. Our analysis shows that the
multivariate standard error estimates derived from the public use CPS
ASEC following our specification perform relatively well compared to
the estimates derived from the internal Census Bureau file. However,
it is essential that users of CPS ASEC data do not simply choose any
available method since three of the methods commonly used for
adjusting for the complex sample design produce substantially
different estimates."

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Eric A. Booth <> wrote:
> Look at the do-files & information on CPS data for Stata here:
> On May 21, 2009, at 10:09 AM, Kirimi Sindi wrote:
>> Dear Users,
>> I have been trying to get the CPS surveys data set to STATA and cannot
>> seem to get it done. Is there anyone who knows how I can do this the data
>> has a .dct extension and have no luck even trying to get it converted with
>> STATTRANSFER. Please help. The data I need is from 2005 to 2008 March. I can
>> get it at
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