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Re: st: job transitions

Subject   Re: st: job transitions
Date   Mon, 11 May 2009 19:50:13 +0200

I am a stastics newbie, but sounds like an event history analysis (-stcox- and related) to me. If you change from job i to j in year t, and then job k in year t+a, you model characteristics of job i up to t-1, of job j from year t to t+a-1, of job k from year t+a on

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At 02.33 11/05/2009 -0400, marcel spijkerman  wrote:
>Dear Stata users,
>I am currently working on job transitions. I have paneldata of labour market positions of  individuals. Some of them enter a job from a position of unemployment, others have a job but change to another job, and the rest keeps the same job from t to t+1. My interest is in the influence of both personal characteristics as well as job characteristics on these transitions. I would expect that for those who change their job characteristics of their former job as well as their new job have an effect on the probability of a transition. For example one would expect that a wage improvement has a positve effect on making such a transition. The the point is that for those who do not change their job, characteristics of their potential new jobs are not observed.  I am not sure how to model this problem. Does anyone have suggestions? 
>Best regards
>Marcel Spijkerman 

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