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st: Stata graphs in LaTeX

From   "Patrick J. Flaherty" <>
Subject   st: Stata graphs in LaTeX
Date   Tue, 5 May 2009 01:45:53 -0400

I am using Stata 10.1 fully updated in a Windows environment (Vista).

I do not believe my LaTeX software (or is it my computer) is .eps
compatible.  While Michael Mitchell's graph2tex runs great in Stata it
produces .eps files which my LaTeX can't read.

I try running Martin Weiss' epspdf program but I get an error from
GhostScript that filesize must be less than 2Gb.

Why doesn't Stata export .jpg files?  Or why can't LaTeX (I know this isn't
a LaTeX listserve, I apologize) read .wmf files?

Patrick J. Flaherty
Coventry, Connecticut

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