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st: est package

From   moleps islon <>
Subject   st: est package
Date   Mon, 4 May 2009 19:17:56 +0200

Is there any way of
1) creating landscape rtf using esttab ??
2) Creating mutiple columns and combining them into one
supermatrix-g-, so that in the end one doesnt have to write out all
the variables in the p local ?? instead one could write esttab g ??

local p "a b c d e"

foreach g of local p {

	local r "hosp age sex_en primary optype"

	local t=0
	foreach x of local r {
		logistic `g' `x',vce(robust)
		eststo e`t'
		local elist `elist' e`t'
		local t=`t'+1
eststo univariat`g': appendmodels `elist'
logistic mors_30 `r'
eststo multivariat`g'

esttab univariata multivariata univariatb multivariatb....multivariate
using unimulti`g'.rtf, nonumbers eform ci(2) ar2 b(a2) label title
("Time to death") mtitle replace modelwidth(6) varwidth(10)

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