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Protocol [was: RE: st: RE: Negative eigen values in factor, pf command?]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   Protocol [was: RE: st: RE: Negative eigen values in factor, pf command?]
Date   Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:20:35 +0100

Martin is of course right. 

New members, and old members for that matter, are reminded that on
joining Statalist you are asked to read the FAQ before posting. That
should clear up the majority of doubts about protocol, as most such
questions have been asked before and the collective line is laid down to
see in the FAQ. 

If this advice really is not clear, do let us know what is unclear about
it. Otherwise, I suspect that most people who do not read it fail to do
so because of a thought like "Well, later perhaps, but right now I am
too busy to do that". Understandable enough as an attitude, but
antisocial nevertheless. 


Martin Weiss answered a member: 

"PS. if "Thanks emails" are inappropriate for the listserv,
please let me know off list and I'll refrain in the I feel
 I will be asking more questions soon)"

We can tell you this on the list, as it is plain to see from the FAQ
toward the end:

"Continuing or closing a thread you started is important, especially by 
answering secondary questions and by reporting what solved your problem.
can then thank those who tried to help. "

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