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RE: st: Multi-way contingency tables in Stata

From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Multi-way contingency tables in Stata
Date   Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:06:19 -0700

-outreg2, tab- will produce the cell frequencies by default. Use -noparen-
option if you don't want parentheses getting in the way. Excel won't open
a large file, so you will have to go through tab-delimited files.
Whether this is exactly what you were looking for is a different question.
Incidently, you can do this from scratch. Use -count- or -tab- to get raw
numbers. And then -merge- your way.

A very simple solution to an apparently complex solution.

> I will have a look at the egen-command. Want I want is a 8-way
> contingency table with cell-frequencies. This is a large table,
> containing around 90,000 cells.
> Thanks,
> Kristian
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