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st: mfx and outreg2

From   "Prof. Dr. Aysit Tansel" <>
Subject   st: mfx and outreg2
Date   Sat, 18 Apr 2009 15:23:21 +0300

I estimated an mlogit model with 6 outcomes. I calculated the marginal 
effects using the following commands:

mlogit ywork1 exper exper2 yschool runearn otherruinc  pcland 
othrpublica othrsoe othrprvwager urban if female==1, robust base(0)
outreg2 using "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\butun 
klasorler\stata-yasemin\1994 deneme\mlogit_yschool_female.out", replace 
auto(3) tstat title(Table 3a. Maksimum Likelihood Multinomial Logit 
Estimates of Employment Sector Choice of Women with Years of Education 
Turkey 1994) addstat(log likelihood, e(ll), chi-square, e(chi2), 
pseudo_r2, e(r2_p)) adec(2)

mfx, predict(p outcome(1))
mfx, predict(p outcome(2))
mfx, predict(p outcome(3))
mfx, predict(p outcome(4))
mfx, predict(p outcome(5))

I would like to place the marginal effects for all of the outcomes in 
one table. If I place an outreg2 command after the last mfx command, it 
  puts in a table the coefficient estimates of the outcomes from the 
mlogit command. Would anyone please tell me how to put the marginal 
effects for the outcomes in one table?

Thank you very much..


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