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st: Macro creates scalars-- how can I transfer them into a MATA matrix?

From   "Balsky, Tanya" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Macro creates scalars-- how can I transfer them into a MATA matrix?
Date   Tue, 14 Apr 2009 11:18:57 -0400

Dear Stata Listers,

Please excuse the beginner question-- I've searched the archives and
help files with no luck.

I have a macro (code below) that should spit out 6 scalars. The scalars
each contain one numeric value. I would like to create a vector in MATA
consisting of each of the 6 values. My thoughts on how to do this was to
turn each scalar into a numeric variable then use st_data() in MATA to
form the matrix. However, nothing I've tried has successfully converted
the scalar to usable numeric variable. I've tried generating a variable
equal to the scalar, creating a local scalar equal to the macro scalar
and then generating a variable it's equal to, and several other things,
but haven't found anything that holds the value, rather than 0 or null.
(When I display the scalar value from the macro, it isn't 0 or null.)

Thank you,

program define T4_co, rclass
	syntax anything
	local w "(`1')" /* w = weight on the gamma=1 term in the X
variable */
	local alpha "(`2')" /* alpha = probability that gamma=1 */
	local rho "(`3')" /* correlation of Y and Z */
	local sigmaD "(`4')" /* std dev of D */
	local sigmaY "(`5')" /* std dev of Y */
	local sigmaZ "(`6')" /* std dev of Z */
	L4_co_wx `w' `alpha' `rho' `sigmaD' `sigmaY' `sigmaZ'
	local L4_co_wx = r(L4_co_wx)
	L2_co_wx `w' `alpha' `rho' `sigmaD' `sigmaY' `sigmaZ'
	local L2_co_wx = r(L2_co_wx)
	L2 1 `alpha' `sigmaD' `sigmaY'
	local L2_w = r(L2)
	return scalar L2_co_wx = `L2_co_wx'
	return scalar L4_co_wx = `L4_co_wx'
	return scalar T4_co_wx = `L4_co_wx'/`L2_w'
	L4_co_xw `w' `alpha' `rho' `sigmaD' `sigmaY' `sigmaZ'
	local L4_co_xw = r(L4_co_xw)
	L2_co_xw `w' `alpha' `rho' `sigmaD' `sigmaY' `sigmaZ'
	local L2_co_xw = r(L2_co_xw)
	L2 `w' `alpha' `sigmaD' `sigmaZ'
	local L2_x = r(L2)
	return scalar L2_co_xw = `L2_co_xw'
	return scalar L4_co_xw = `L4_co_xw'
	return scalar T4_co_xw = `L4_co_xw'/`L2_x'

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