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Re: st: Error computing eigenvalues using mata

From   "Glenn Goldsmith" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Error computing eigenvalues using mata
Date   Mon, 13 Apr 2009 19:11:44 +0100


I'm afraid I have no idea why this might be happening (and have been unable
to replicate the error myself). But you might be able to work around it by
using -symeigenvalues()- instead.




Below is the code I have for -_eigenvalues()- (from -view _eigenvalues.mata,
adopath asis-). Tough to see where the error could be coming from here. Is
your version the same?

*! version 1.0.1  04jan2005
version 9.0


complex vector _eigenvalues(numeric matrix A, |cond, real scalar nobalance)
        complex vector evals

        if (args()==1) cond = .

        _eigen_work(0, A, .,  evals, cond, nobalance)


Zachary Neal <> wrote:

I am trying to compute the eigenvalues for a 59 x 59 square, symmetric,
binary matrix.  The command <mata eigenvalues(x)> returns the following

_eigenvalues():  3252  evals[59,1] found where complex required
eigenvalues():     -  function returned error
<istmt>:     -  function returned error

Any assistance would be appreciated.  I've pasted the problem matrix below,
but it is a bit hard to read.

Thank you

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