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Rép. : st: Re: Results displayed in parentheses after -matrix-

From   "Herve STOLOWY" <>
To   <>
Subject   Rép. : st: Re: Results displayed in parentheses after -matrix-
Date   Sun, 14 Dec 2008 10:38:02 +0100

Dear Martin:

I start with your second question. In the help of -matrix-, your have -matrix utility-. Here you find:

List contents of matrix

        matrix list mname [, noblank nohalf noheader nonames format(%fmt)
                    title(string) nodotz]

Here is what I called the "option format after matrix".

Your first question: in a table, I display on the first line the mean and on the second line, the standard deviation. Traditionnally, in my field, standard deviations are displayed in parentheses.

With the following command, I get the right table: 

ttest offer, by(info), if risk==0 &  round>7 & round<26 
matrix m_lowrisk1=r(mu_1), r(mu_2)
matrix m_lowrisk2=r(sd_1), r(sd_2)
ttest offer, by(info), if risk==1 &  round>7 & round<26
matrix m_highrisk1=r(mu_1), r(mu_2)
matrix m_highrisk2=r(sd_1), r(sd_2)
ttest offer, by(info), if  round>7 & round<26
matrix m_total_risk1=r(mu_1), r(mu_2)
matrix m_total_risk2=r(sd_1), r(sd_2)

matrix c3=m_lowrisk1 \ m_lowrisk2 \m_highrisk1 \ m_highrisk2 \ m_total_risk1 \ m_total_risk2
matrix list c3

ttest offer, by(risk), if round>7 & round<26
matrix m_total_info = r(mu_1), r(sd_1), r(mu_2), r(sd_2), ., .

matrix m_total_info_v = m_total_info'
matrix c4 = c3, m_total_info_v

matrix rownames c4 = "Low risk (mean)" "(SD)" "High risk (mean)" "(SD)" "Main effect of risk (mean)" "(SD)"
matrix colnames c4 = "Limited disclosure" "Full disclosure" "Main effect of disclosure"
matrix list c4

mat2txt, matrix(c4) saving (table 3) title(Panel C: Mean (SD) - Offer, disclosure and risk) append

I know that I can add the parentheses in the excel file. I was simply wondering whether it could be possible to get the parentheses automatically.

Best regards


>>> "Martin Weiss" <> 13/12/08 22:53 >>>
The -format- command in Stata does not serve the same purpose as in, say, MS 
Excel. There you can define user defined formats that add things like 
parantheses around numbers. I have never seen anything like this in Stata. 
If you could give the list your reason for wanting this feature, someone may 
know a way around this problem...

BTW, what is that "option format after matrix"?

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Herve STOLOWY" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 11:11 PM
Subject: st: Results displayed in parentheses after -matrix-

> Dear Statalisters:
> I run a ttest and get some results in a matrix.
> ttest offer, by(info), if risk==0 &  round>7 & round<26
> matrix m_lowrisk2=r(sd_1), r(sd_2)
> Is there a way to get r(sd_1) and  r(sd_2) displayed in parentheses in the 
> matrix?
> I have seen the option format after matrix but I don't know how to use it.
> Best regards
> Herve Stolowy

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