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Re: st: compiling plugins on the mac with Xcode 3

From   "Tom Trikalinos" <>
Subject   Re: st: compiling plugins on the mac with Xcode 3
Date   Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:56:19 -0500

thank you for the very clear instructions. Will adopt.

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 11:15 AM,  <> wrote:
> "Tom Trikalinos" <> wrote:
>> I welcome advice on how to set up a new project for a Stata plugin in
>> Xcode (i'm new to Xcode - but OK with -vi-, -make-, -gcc- and
>> -gdb-)... I tried asking for a new "Bundle" or a new "BSD Dynamically
>> linked library", but it seems that neither is the case or I am
>> neglecting to do something... I get plugins that Stata cannot load
>> ("not a Mach-O_MH file").
> You want to create the project as a BSD Dynamic Library and change the target
> to a bundle.  You could've created a Carbon or Cocoa Bundle project but you
> don't need the included frameworks and resources so it's just easier to start
> with a minimal project such as the BSD Dynamic Library.
> After you've included the source files to the project, open the target
> settings for your plugin and change:
> Linking
>        Compatibility Version           <remove value>
>        Current Library Version         <remove value>
>        Mach-O Type                     Bundle
> Packaging
>        Executable Extension            plugin
>        Executable Prefix               <remove value, optional>
> GCC-4.0 Language
>        Other C Flags                   -DSYSTEM=APPLEMAC
>        Other C++ Flags                 -DSYSTEM=APPLEMAC
> <remove value> means to clear the text field for the setting so that its value
> is empty.  If you don't see any GCC-4.0 Language settings, it's because you
> haven't added your source files to the project yet.  The Other C++ Flags
> setting is automatically set when you set the Other C Flags setting.
> These are the only settings that must be changed to build a Stata plugin.
> It's up to you whether you want to change any other settings.  I do recommend
> that you compile the plugin for all Mac platforms by setting the Architectures
> setting to "i386 x86_64 ppc ppc64".  You'll build a single plugin that will
> work on any Mac.
> -Chinh Nguyen
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