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RE: st: Re: graph matrix by(x, norescale) doesn't work

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: graph matrix by(x, norescale) doesn't work
Date   Tue, 9 Dec 2008 23:14:30 -0000

Here is a sample. Example 

sysuse auto 
lfitcimatrix price mpg \ weight length 

*! 1.0.0 NJC 9 December 2008 
program lfitcimatrix 
        version 8.0
        gettoken yvars 0 : 0, parse("\")
	unab yvars : `yvars'
	gettoken bs 0 : 0, parse("\") 

        syntax varlist [if] [in] [aweight fweight pweight] ///
	[, lfitciopts(str asis) scatteropts(str asis)      ///
	combineopts(str asis) ] 
        marksample touse
	markout `touse' `yvars' 
	quietly { 
		count if `touse' 
		if r(N) == 0 error 2000 

		foreach y of local yvars {
			local Y : variable label `y' 
			if `"`Y'"' == "" local Y "`y'" 
        	        foreach x of local varlist {
                	        tempfile f

                        	twoway lfitci `y' `x' if `touse'   ///
				[`weight' `exp']                   ///
				, `lfitciopts'                     ///
				|| scatter `y' `x' if `touse'      /// 
				[`weight' `exp']                   ///
				, legend(off) saving("`f'") nodraw ///
				yti(`"`Y'"') `scatteropts' ///
        	                local files `"`files' "`f'""' 

        graph combine `files', `combineopts' 


Nick Cox

If you try this, you'll find that the -lfitci- graphs have blank
-ytitle()-. That is what the original graphs are like; it's not a
-cpyxplot- bug. But it does limit the usefulness of -cpyxplot- applied

My advice to consider customising your own using a clone of -cpyxplot-
as template remains. 

Nick Cox

I think it's difficult to see how -graph matrix- could readily
accommodate that kind of addition -- together with the many, many other
additions that might be imagined -- without the syntax collapsing into
unmanageable complexity. One difficulty is that the user would often
want to reach through to tweak lots of details on the individual graphs
and that's likely to be a pain to accommodate. 

In many ways, it is better to think bottom up in terms of looping over
variables and emitting a series of graphs to feed to -graph combine-. 

-cpyxplot- from SSC already implements one strategy of this kind. It
lets us you do things like this: 

sysuse auto, clear 
cpyxplot price mpg \ weight length , plottype(lfitci)

The \ separates responses and predictors. 

That appears to be more or less what you are asking for. (If what you
really want is -scatter- too, that is beyond -cpyxplot-, but a
customised clone is obtainable with some programming.) 


Clive Nicholas

One question for StataCorp: Why are there no -(lfit y x)- and -(lfitci
y x)- options with -graph matrix? If I'm not missing anything obvious,
this would make -graph matrix- even more useful than it already is.

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