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st: RE: Re: Exporting results after -table-

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: Exporting results after -table-
Date   Tue, 9 Dec 2008 20:38:23 -0000

Martin's surmise is incorrect. Herve's command line is perfectly legal.
You can flip back and forth between options and preceding material
provided you signal that with commas. That goes way way back. It is not
explicit in syntax diagrams but it is documented somewhere in [U]. 


Martin Weiss

I do not think that you had those commas in your original command...


> My command line is the following:
> table risk info , c(mean return) row col, if round>7 & round<26 &
win==1 & 
> offer==1

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