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Re: st: standard errors poverty measurement Stata 10

From   "Abdel Rahmen El Lahga" <>
Subject   Re: st: standard errors poverty measurement Stata 10
Date   Fri, 5 Dec 2008 16:54:50 +0100

you can use the DASP package  developed by A. Araar and J-Y Duclos
available at
you can estimate various poverty inequality measure with their s.e and
taking into account the sampling design.
Concerning the remark of  Stas Kolenikov I note that std-err of
poverty measure are required by most journal and policy maker to
assess the effect of sampling variability on poverty and inequlity
measure. This is a usuel practice in the profession
AbdelRahmen El Lahga
University of Tunis

2008/12/5 Stas Kolenikov <>:
> There are some commands by Dean Jolliffe with some Russian folks
> (-findit sepov-). I thought Stephen Jenkins had something about that,
> too, but I cannot locate it in -findit poverty- output -- it might've
> been s.e.s for inequality measures, rather.
> You can get pretty much anything you need using -mean- of
> appropriately generated variables and -nlcom- to combine them into FGT
> measure of interest. What's more, that will also be appropriate for
> complex survey designs -- I have serious doubts that you will have
> access to any sort of census data in Subsaharan Africa.
> Can you possibly comment as to why do you need s.e.s on your poverty
> measures? It is rather unusual that somebody wants them... although it
> pleases my inner statistician to see people do that :)).
> On 12/5/08, <> wrote:
>> Dear Stata users,
>>  is there a command to derive in Stata 10 with standard errors for Foster,
>> Greer and Thorbecke type of poverty measurements?
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AbdelRahmen El Lahga
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