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st: Video from multiple graph exports

From   "Dan Weitzenfeld" <>
Subject   st: Video from multiple graph exports
Date   Wed, 3 Dec 2008 11:49:32 -0800

Hi Folks,
I'm considering making a movie using multiple Stata graphs, exported.
E.g., for t=0,1,...n, graphing the data at each t, and then using a
slide-show program to stack the graphs in time order, creating a
"movie" illustrating how the data changes over time.
My questions:

1.  Has anyone does this before, and if so, do you have
recommendations for the most flexible slide-show program?
Specifically, I'm wondering if there is a program that will allow for
variable intervals between slides (e.g., t=0, 1.5, 2, 2.2,....)

2.  Is there a way to overlay a Stata graph on top of a .jpg file?
I've been doing this manually, using -spmap- to plot my
location-oriented data, exporting graphs as .emf/.wmf, ungrouping the
result in PowerPoint and aligning the .jpg overlay.

3.  Am I trying to use Stata to do something it's not suited for?  I
know JMP can play movies from data, but I don't think the movies can
be exported, and, well, I'm partial to Stata.

Thanks in advance,
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