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Re: st: Graphing Question

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Subject   Re: st: Graphing Question
Date   Sat, 26 Jul 2008 16:19:52 -0400

Ditto on the 3D - but yet they love those also. The more the glitch, the better.

"Data Analytics Corp. Wrote:" wrote:

I agree - but this is what business clients like.
Nod. I always wonder about that. The wretched 3D effect is the worst.

jverkuilen wrote:

I do have to ask the graph snob question: Why a pie chart? There are almost always better optons that are perceived more accurately by readers, use less space, etc.
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Subject: st: Graphing Question

Good morning,

I have, what should be, a simple graphing problem. I clustered doctors into four groups. I created a table showing the proportion of doctors in each group who use a certain drug with their patients. The proportions are simply the weighted means of a binary variable which indicates whether or not the drug is prescribed by that doctor. Now I want to draw a pie chart showing those proportions. I can easily draw a pie that displays proportions which are not weighted, but how do I tell Stata to draw the pie using the weighted means? In short, I want the table and pie slices to be identical so I can give my client both.

Incidentally, how do I get the pie slice labels to be outside the pie and have the percentages next to the slice label? It seems that everything goes inside the pie and we can either get labels or percentages, but not both.




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