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st: MIM and non estimation commands

From   Nicholas Spence <>
Subject   st: MIM and non estimation commands
Date   Sat, 26 Jul 2008 02:06:17 -0400

Hello all,


I am currently using MIM to generate coefficients for 2-ways cross tabs (tabulate twoway) and correlations (pwcorr). The problem is that the category(fit) option only works with estimation commands, which does not include tabulate twoway and correlations (pwcorr). One can run these statistics using the svy prefix command, for example, svy: tabulate twoway, but this command does not have the same options (more limited) nor is it necessary for my data (e.g., no weights, strata, multistage, etc.). Does anyone have any ideas on how I may proceed? Also would it be possible to get ahold of related source code to modify it for my own purposes? Thank you.




Nicholas Spence


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