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Re: st: importing spss data

From   Ronan Conroy <>
Subject   Re: st: importing spss data
Date   Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:27:56 +0300

On 22 Jul 2008, at 21:34, SR Millis wrote:

While in SPSS, save your data as a tab-delimited or comma-delimited file.

Then read the data into Stata using the infile, infix, or insheet command, depending on the file format. For information about infiling data and the method you should use, see the help file for infiling.

This solution does have the disadvantage that variable labels, value labels and missing value information are lost.

The option to save a Stata file from within SPSS is good, but a little investment in StatTransfer is something that rapidly pays for itself in time saved. Though personally I spend this time drinking cappuccinos, so the added costs would have to be factored in too.

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