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Re: st: LOG2HTML -- size() option not allowed

From   John LeBlanc <>
Subject   Re: st: LOG2HTML -- size() option not allowed
Date   Sun, 20 Jul 2008 22:20:06 -0300

Yes that was it exactly. For what it's worth, I modified my version of the help-file but I don't know how to make this available to the general user community. I suppose it depends on the original authors?

Script works perfectly with Firefox. Unfortunately, MS-Word ignores percentsize, which is the effect I was trying to get.

John LeBlanc

Richard Williams wrote:

At 11:44 AM 7/20/2008, John LeBlanc wrote:
I'd like to use this very useful tool to format Stata output but the deafault font size is too big for my needs. When I try to use the size() option, I"m informed that it is not allowed.

----------- output -----------
. log2html "Follow-up of falls & ingestions", replace size(90)
option size() not allowed

I'm using Stata v. 9 on an xp pro machine.
Looks to me like an error in either the program or the documentation. I think the option should be percentsize, which can be abbreviated per, e.g. per(90)

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Regards, John LeBlanc


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