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st: Panel Data Analysis Question

From   John Magill <>
Subject   st: Panel Data Analysis Question
Date   Sat, 19 Jul 2008 21:28:49 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to figure out if Panel Data Analsysis is the most appropriate procedure to use to  analyze some data
We are conducting an impact assessment of a development project is South Asia.  There is a control group and a test group. We have administered a questionnaire at the beginning of the study, and are now going back in to administer a follow-up survey two years later. There are only two points in time -- that of the original survey and that of the followup survey.  We want to know if the changes over time are significantly different for the test and control groups. 
Some of the variables are continuous varibles (income in time 1 versus income time 2), where we want to know which of the two groups (control or test) has experienced the greastest increase in income.   Others are various forms of scales -- such as "How would you rate your income?": 1=Very good, 2=Good,3=Neither Good nor Bad, 4=Bad, 5 = Very Bad.-- where we want to see if perceptions have changed over time and which group has changed the most between time  1 and time 2.
Is Panel Data (as in the "Longitudinal/Panel Data" manual) the appropriate approach to take in analyzing thse two types of questions with control and test groups, or is there a more appropriate procedure for doing this?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
John Magill


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