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Re: st: Wide .csv file is too wide

From   "Joseph Coveney" <>
To   "Statalist" <>
Subject   Re: st: Wide .csv file is too wide
Date   Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:35:02 +0900

Dan Weitzenfeld wrote:

Some non-Stata-using colleagues elsewhere in the company have created
comically wide .csv files (27,600 columns, 62 rows).  I would like to
insheet the files and -xpose- them to a saner structure, but Stata
won't accept them:

insheet using "${filename}", comma clear
too many variables specified
error in line 62 of file

Two questions:
-Assuming the problem is that the width of the .csv file exceeds the
max width of a dataset in Stata, is there a workaround to this issue?
-Any idea why Stata is telling me "error in line 62 of file"?  Why the
last row, when many other rows have the same width issue?


I've seen that on occasion, too, when using -insheet-.  I'm not sure why it
waits until the last row before it balks.  I'm guessing that it has to do
with the EOF indication.  -insheet- is expecting something that's not there
or vice versa.  Try switching to -infile-.

sysuse auto, clear
outsheet price mpg rep78 using 1.csv, comma
// If your first row has variable names, then . . .
infile v1-v3 in 2/l using 1.csv, clear
sysuse auto, clear
outsheet price mpg rep78 using 1.csv, comma nonames replace
// else . . .
infile v1-v3 using 1.csv, clear

Stata/SE/MP has a limit of 32,767 variables, so that's not a problem; you'd
just specify v1-v27600.

Joseph Coveney

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