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st: Wide .csv file is too wide

From   "Dan Weitzenfeld" <>
Subject   st: Wide .csv file is too wide
Date   Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:52:36 -0700

Hi All,
Some non-Stata-using colleagues elsewhere in the company have created
comically wide .csv files (27,600 columns, 62 rows).  I would like to
insheet the files and -xpose- them to a saner structure, but Stata
won't accept them:

insheet using "${filename}", comma clear
too many variables specified
error in line 62 of file

Two questions:
-Assuming the problem is that the width of the .csv file exceeds the
max width of a dataset in Stata, is there a workaround to this issue?
-Any idea why Stata is telling me "error in line 62 of file"?  Why the
last row, when many other rows have the same width issue?

Thanks in advance,
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