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st: reading in huge dataset using "odbc"

From   natalie chan <>
Subject   st: reading in huge dataset using "odbc"
Date   Sun, 13 Jul 2008 00:16:02 +0100


I am trying to read in a dataset with more than 200 variables and 1.2
million observations. The stata produced the message "obs must be
between 62593 and 62593. As a possible solution, try increasing memory
using -set memory-". I increased the memory but still it did not work.

I then decided to read in the dataset separately and then append the
sub-datasets. I read in the first 62000 observations, it was
successful. When I try to read in the observations 62001-124000, there
was no error message, but when I checked the data, there was no
observation read in and there was only the row of observation names
read in.

The commands I used are:

 odbc load in 1/62000, table ("firms")

 odbc load in 62001/124000, table ("firms")

Could anyone here give some advice? Thanks a lot.

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