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Re: st: Output tables, tabulations, etc to a text file

From   Jeff Pflueger <>
Subject   Re: st: Output tables, tabulations, etc to a text file
Date   Thu, 10 Jul 2008 08:18:04 -0700

Thanks for this. If you wouldn't mind with some clarification: It seems to me that creating new datasets as the desired tables and then appending the datasets into one dataset to be outsheeted is an enormous work-around. Can't I simply output to a file the results of a -tabulate- and put the results on the end of a progressively growing file as I loop through the US states?

Is your method the standard way to output complex tables from Stata?
What is the best method for outputting a complex table from Stata as a comma or tab delimited file?

Below are questions on your proposed method:

Jeff Pflueger <>:
You may want a loop that -use-s each dataset in turn,
Exactly. I am already doing that in the do file.
 -collapse-s to a
"tab" dataset,
I am indeed collapsing to accomplish something else with each dataset.....but what is collapsing to a "tab" dataset? So rather than using a command like -tabulate- to create results, I could accomplish this from within a -collapse- command and actually create a new dataset? What does the syntax look like for something like this?

 then -append-s to put all the "tabs" together in one
That makes sense if I were working with newly created datasets as opposed to standard Stata output.

then perhaps -outsheet- to write a tab-delimited file. This
is also possible with -file- but more work to write. Hard to say what
is optimal for you given only the info below.

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 7:47 PM, Jeff Pflueger <> wrote:

I have a do file that goes through a dataset for each US state.
From each state I need a few pieces of information by county. Most of this I
can do for each state through tabulate:

tabulate county interesting_yes_no_question [fw=weight]

I'd like to take the results of the tabulation and append them to a results
file that is comma or tab delimited so that by the time the do file has gone
through all the state datasets, I have a single comma or tab delimited file
of the results for all of the states.

There seems to be about half a dozen approaches to getting Stata output into
a file. None seem too clean at this point. Nothing I've seen is too elegant

Isn't there an easy way that I can take the results from a command like
tabulate and then use "file" to append them to the end of a file?

Thanks for any help!
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