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Re: st: RE: Problem with METAN (forest plot)...

From   RJ Harris <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Problem with METAN (forest plot)...
Date   Mon, 07 Jul 2008 16:46:47 +0100

Dear Julien

Sorry to be so tardy with my reply.

If you want odds ratios on the log scale there is an option for it (log), like this:

metan tdeath tnodeath cdeath cnodeath, or log

If you are pooling pre-calculated odds ratios, these must be converted to the log scale before your pool them:

gen logOR = ln(OR) ...etc.
metan logOR logORlci logORuci

Results will of course be on the log scale, unless you use eform.

Best wishes,

--On 27 June 2008 02:33 -0400 statalist-digest <> wrote:

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 10:38:15 -0400
From: "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject: Re: st: RE: Problem with METAN (forest plot)...

You can just make your own graph using the variables created by -metan-:

    By default, metan adds the following new variables to the dataset:

        _ES        Effect size (ES)
        _seES      Standard error of ES
        _selogES   Standard error of log ES
        _LCI       Lower confidence limit for ES
        _UCI       Upper confidence limit for ES
        _WT        Study percentage weight
        _SS        Study sample size

and use the -xscale(log)- option and any others you like in the graph

use, clear
replace tmean=tm+10
metan tsample tmean tsd csample cmean csd, by(type_study)
gsort type_study -id
g nid=_n
loc o "leg(off) yti(" ") yli(10.5) barw(.01) horiz color(gray white) yla("
forv i=1/20 {
  loc o `"`o' `i' "`=id[`i']'" "'
loc o `"`o' , angle(0))"'
tw spike _UCI _LCI nid, `o' || sc nid _ES, name(notlog)
tw spike _UCI _LCI nid, xsc(log) `o' || sc nid _ES, xsc(log)

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 6:50 AM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
I have not tried it but it seems that -metan- (from SJ 8(1)) should
support -xsc(log)-.

However, all that would do is take the graph that would be displayed and
change that one detail. No calculations would be carried out on a log


Julien D.

I would like to make a forest plot to graphicaly present results from
stratified analyses with different subgroups (men, women, diabetics, no
I use the METAN module with 3 cols table (OR, lower and upper confidence

interval) but I am embarass with large confidence interval (1.7-52.3 for

example) and would like to use a log scale for axis...

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