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st: RE: Creating a Non-Self Mean (Score)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Creating a Non-Self Mean (Score)
Date   Thu, 3 Jul 2008 13:30:23 +0100

This is a FAQ. See 

FAQ     . . Creating variables recording prop. of the other members of a
        4/05    How do I create variables summarizing for each
                individual properties of the other members of a

The key principle for sums is elementary 

Sum of others = Sum of all - This value 

And for means correspondingly 

Mean of others = (Sum of all - This value) / (Number in group - 1) 

Other summary measures are more challenging, but the FAQ gives advice. 

The only obvious complication is that you want to sum across variables
before you summarize across the other members of this group. That will
often be easiest through -egen, rowtotal()-. 


Chao Yawo

I am examining the effect of stigmatizing attitudes of specific health
behaviors, using a demographic health survey (DHS). DHS respondents were
required to indicate (by a YES, NO, DONT KNOW) whether:

(1) whether they would buy a vegetable from a vendor who has HIV, (2)
whether they would keep their family member's HIV infection a secret
(3) whether they would be willing to care for a relative who is infected
with HIV
(4) wheether a female teacher infected with HIV should be allowed to
continue teaching in school

I want to calculate a summary score that reflects community attitude
(the attitudes of all members of the community on these variables ---
that is the score must EXCLUDE those of the respondent, and INCLUDE
those of all others.  In some literature, this is referred to as
non-self mean.

Since in the DHS, clusters (V022) are the lowest level from which a
sample of households is drawn (i.e. these are typically the primary
sampling unit), I want a score based on the responses of all people in
the same strata (PSU) as the respondent, but excluding the respondent's
responses. For example, to compute this score for an individual A who
resides in PSU B, we sum the stigma scores (over all the 4 variables) of
all individuals in PSU B, with the exceptoin of respondent A.

I would be very grateful if you could give me some pointers about how to
create this summary score (over all the 4 variables).

regards, C. Y.

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