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st: Creating a Non-Self Mean (Score)

From   Chao Yawo <>
To   StataList <>
Subject   st: Creating a Non-Self Mean (Score)
Date   Thu, 3 Jul 2008 04:36:23 -0700 (PDT)


I am examining the effect of stigmatizing attitudes of specific health behaviors, using a demographic health survey (DHS). DHS respondents were required to indicate (by a YES, NO, DONT KNOW) whether:

(1) whether they would buy a vegetable from a vendor who has HIV, (2) whether they would keep their family member's HIV infection a secret
(3) whether they would be willing to care for a relative who is infected with HIV
(4) wheether a female teacher infected with HIV should be allowed to continue teaching in school

I want to calculate a summary score that reflects community attitude (the attitudes of all members of the community on these variables --- that is the score must EXCLUDE those of the respondent, and INCLUDE those of all others.  In some literature, this is referred to as non-self mean.

Since in the DHS, clusters (V022) are the lowest level from which a sample of households is drawn (i.e. these are typically the primary sampling unit), I want a score based on the responses of all people in the same strata (PSU) as the respondent, but excluding the respondent's responses. For example, to compute this score for an individual A who resides in PSU B, we sum the stigma scores (over all the 4 variables) of all individuals in PSU B, with the exceptoin of respondent A.

I would be very grateful if you could give me some pointers about how to create this summary score (over all the 4 variables).

regards, C. Y.

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