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st: RE: inequality measures, and dynamic decomposition of inequality

From   philippe van kerm <>
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Subject   st: RE: inequality measures, and dynamic decomposition of inequality
Date   Wed, 2 Jul 2008 10:23:17 +0200


Regarding your second question: automating export of results from these commands involves handling 'manually' the results returned by the commands -- see help return --. One strategy is to create a separate '.dta' file collecting all your results (a.k.a. a 'resultsset') and then use facilities such as -outsheet-, -file- or Roger Newson's -listtex- to generate your report. Several Stata Journal articles have discussed strategies for doing this. If the commands were 'byable', -statsby- would have been useful to generate the 'resultssets'. A similar effect (with added flexibility) can be achieved relatively easily with loops (cf. Nick Cox's earlier response) and -post- (see

Regarding your third question: implementing this probably involves estimating the terms of the decomposition at each period using -ineqdeco-, record the returned values (using locals, scalars or matrices), and then compute the terms of the Mookherjee-Shorrocks decomposition by combining the recorded results. So you need to be familiar with the manipulation of macros, scalars, etc.

I'll add that you probably want to use -inequal7- (available from SSC) instead of -inequal-. -inequal7- is an updated version which fixes some bugs and add some functionality.

Hope this helps


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Subject: st: inequality measures, and dynamic decomposition of inequality

Dear Statalisters,

I have recently switched over to Stata, and have 3 (related) questions on working with inequality measures.

Firstly, i have been going through the various commands available to compute measures of inequality (including inequal, fastgini, ineqdeco, atkinson etc). I would like to calculate inequality by date for a range of dates, but these inequality commands do not seem to allow a 'by' option. Is there a way of setting this command to repeat by date, other than manually running it repeatedly and changing the date in the command (i.e. something equivalent to
.bys date: inequal income     or
.bys date: ineqdeco income
which are not allowed)?

Secondly, what is an efficient way of exporting the results? At the moment I am saying 'copy table' and pasting them into an excel worksheet...but I am sure there is a better way of doing this (I realise that it might differ for different commands but any suggestions would be welcome, especially for -inequal- and -ineqdeco-).

Lastly, I am using -ineqdeco- to do decompositions of inequality (it is great, and is one of the reasons why i am now working in Stata). I want to do dynamic decompositions of inequality. I noticed from the Statalist that in 2006
 the author of -ineqdeco-, Stephen Jenkins, mentioned that this might be facilitated when he revises the programme. I was just wondering whether there has since been any such developments? If not, is there any simple guidance as to how, having run the programme separately for each year, one would 'manually' compute the dynamic decomposition? I have looked at Mookerjee and Shorrocks which has been mentioned previously on Statalist, but am still struggling with how to proceed.

Apologies for the multiple questions, but I would greatly appreciate any guidance even on parts of them.


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