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st: Local macros and strings: yet another query...

From   Höchle, Daniel (MI Switzerland) <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Local macros and strings: yet another query...
Date   Tue, 24 Jun 2008 10:26:34 +0200

Dear all,

Thanks a lot to Sergiy and Nick for their answers. Unfortunately, the project I am currently working on urges me to generate a series of variables on an observation-by-observation basis. The problem is highly iterative. As such the time t-1 value of variable A impacts on the time t value of variable B which in turn determines the time t value of variable A, etc.

The strings I want to evaluate have to be constructed by loops since the number of options varies across "myCommand". Interestingly, however, my "loop strings" do not work with Sergiy's solution whereas for the manually constructed strings his solution works perfectly. Here is an illustration of the problem:

-- snip --

  sysuse sp500, clear
  * This is the manual version of the string:
  local ManualStr "myCommand, Opt1(\`Val1') Opt2(\`Val2')"
  * Here, the string is replicated by looping through a forval loop:
  local LoopStr "myCommand,"
  forval j=1/2 {
      local LoopStr "`LoopStr' Opt`j'(\`Val`j'')"
  * Let's assume we want to evaluate "myCommand" for the following values:
    local t = 122
    local Val1 = close[`t']
    local Val2 = volume[`t']
* Display the resulting ManualStr:
  disp `"`ManualStr'"'   // this is what I would expect

* Display the resulting LoopStr
  disp `"`LoopStr'"'     // there is a problem: where is `Val1'???

-- snip --

Result: Somehow Stata drops `Val1' from the "LoopStr" whereas `Val1' is contained in the "ManualStr" as it should. Therefore, I wonder whether there is a problem in my way of constructing "LoopStr" or if this is a Stata problem? I use Stata SE 9.2.

Once more thanks a lot for looking into this issue in advance.

Best regards,


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