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st: Re: stcox and graphing

From   "Pål Rønning" <>
Subject   st: Re: stcox and graphing
Date   Mon, 19 May 2008 21:56:50 +0200

> I need to make a graph showing the effect of a binary variable (X) on
> survival over the first 30 days adjusted for three other ordinal variables
> taking the following values (A 3-15, B 1-6, C1-75). I tried using the
> following xi: sts graph, by (X) adjustfor (i.A i.B i.C), however I'm unsure
> of the results. Does the adjustfor option adjustfor the mean or the 0 values
> for the covariates? In case is it possible to change this? How can I get a
> confidence interval?
> Kind regards,
> Paul
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