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Re: st: gen..replace over period of time

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: gen..replace over period of time
Date   Mon, 19 May 2008 18:31:22 +0100

The code you have shown us defines a variable with values 0 or 1.

That doesn't tally with the problem you report here, of giving a
cumulative number. I guess that refers to some code you don't show us.

However, on the final question, assume variables


egen everLT95 = max(pillcount < 95 & week >= 2 & week <= 24), by(id)
egen tag = tag(id)
count if everLT95 & tag

See also the manual entry for -egen- and the FAQ

and my articles

2007. Speaking Stata: Making it count.
Stata Journal 7(1): 117-130

2007. Speaking Stata: Counting groups, especially panels.
Stata Journal 7(4): 571-581.


Ziad El-Khatib

it is giving me the accumulative number of patients over period of
time weeks 2-24.
How I can count patients in individual way, i.e. just to know how many
patients did ever report pill count<95 during weeks 2-24?

Ziad El-Khatib

>> My dataset has different time points, weeks 2,4,8,12,16,20,24,36 and
>> 52 weeks on treatment.
>> I want to look at the adherence level during the weeks 2-24, I tried
>> this code, but it didn't give me what I wanted:
>> gen adherence =0
>> replace adherence =1 if pillcount <95 & (week>=2|week<=24)

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