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st: RE: questions on using the list

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: questions on using the list
Date   Wed, 30 Apr 2008 19:25:28 +0100

I answer three questions individually below. I have ignored the fourth
because other postings have signalled that Tunga's Stata is corrupt or


Tunga Kantarci

I would like to ask several questions:

1. What is the procedure to reply to a post?
How can I make it sure that the rely I send goes under the thread I
Sometimes I see that "re:" comes before "st:" and sometimes after
I use outlook to write messages here. 
Given that, what is it t write to the subject line of the message to
the message appear under the correct thread?

Reply using your mailer to the last relevant message in a thread.
Whether a message starts "st: re:" or "re: st:" is of no importance. Let
your mailer do the prefixing. 

2. I have to say that posting and replying to this list is not that easy
it is in google groups for instance.
To reply to a message you have to go to your own email program and do
there rather than to do it directly on the
web page. Is there a plan to update the web site of the list to make it
user friendly?

I do not think that those accustomed to using the list would call its
operation especially unfriendly. All you need to know is how to use
email. The other way to do it has its disadvantages too. 

In essence Statalist has been operating in this way for almost 14 years
with now 2000+ subscribers. It is difficult to see how that happened if
its mode of operation is so awkward. 

There is no plan that I know of even to think about setting up Statalist
in the way that you seek. Equally, anyone who wants to set up such a
list as an alternative is welcome to try. If the model is better, people
will migrate quickly. 

3. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time before my messages appear on
list. S it because they are moderated before their appearance?
If yes, are we then restricted by how quickly they are moderated by the
person who does it?

When you joined the list you asked to read the Statalist FAQ. It seems
that you did not do that, as the FAQ makes clear that the list is not
moderated, so that there is no delay due to moderation. Any other delay
is a matter of your email connections at the time. Most of my postings
appear a few minutes after posting, a few occasionally get delayed by
several hours, and a very few never appear. Quite why is not explicable
by anyone except email experts (perhaps not even them).

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