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st: Re: Stata

From   Jeffrey Ladewig <>
Subject   st: Re: Stata
Date   Tue, 29 Apr 2008 19:17:18 -0400

It seems like every month or so, the list (appropriately) corrects someone for using STATA instead of Stata. I was struck a bit ago, though, as I looked at my Stata coffee mug, and it seem to me read STaTa. Low and behold, all of the documentation, the website, etc. carry the same: STaTa. Maybe someone informed on the font, etc. used could easily clear this up, but perhaps some of the confusion of individuals using STATA stems from STaTa itself.

Jeffrey Ladewig
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut
Department of Political Science
341 Mansfield Rd, U-1024
Storrs, CT 06269

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