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Re: st: RE: Statalist FAQ revised

From   Phil Schumm <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Statalist FAQ revised
Date   Tue, 15 Apr 2008 15:28:31 -0500

On Apr 15, 2008, at 2:52 PM, Dupont, William wrote:
I did have one question about private responses. If I post a question on Statalist and someone gives me a helpful answer should I thank her publicly by posting my thanks on the list or privately by sending a personal email. I could understand that thousands of Statalisters might not want to read my thank you note. On the other hand some people who give valuable help might like to be publicly thanked.

Your "Don't walk away" bullet appears to suggest that you prefer public thanks. Is this correct?

I don't presume to speak for Nick, but, FWIW, the rules of etiquette on the open-source lists I participate in are pretty permissive WRT the occasional public thank you (i.e., you rarely, if ever, see someone reprimanded for this). In addition to the benefits you noted above, the occasional thank you may also increase the likelihood that people will respond to future questions (from any individual). Personally, I'd gladly trade 100 thanks-yous for all of the postings under incorrect subjects, top posting, vague questions, formatted email, etc.

That said, I would never expect a thank you, nor take umbrage at the lack of one.

-- Phil

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