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st: R: Merging observations

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: R: Merging observations
Date   Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:14:44 +0200

Dear Sander,
please find below some temptative answers to your questions (I do hope that
some Stata guru on the list can show you a more efficient way to do the
trick you are searching for).
At first glance, it might seem that you are dealing with an excess of

HTH and Kind Regards,


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Sander wrote:
Inviato: venerd́ 11 aprile 2008 10.06
Oggetto: st: Merging observations

1) The change was not interesting for my research and I just want to
replace the enddate of the first observation with the enddate of the
observation after the change has taken place. Let's say that this has
gen end_date_sec_occ= end_date_first_occ if mutcode==1
2) The change was interesting for my research. Let's say that the
marital status of a person has changed to married==1. What I'd like
now, is to create a new variable in the first occurrence, that shows
the startdate of the second occurrence and a second new variable that
shows married2==1. Let's say that the mutcode==2.
gen start_date_sec_occ= end_date_first_occ if mutcode==2

gen married2=1 if mutcode==2

3) When a person moves within a municipality, this is not very
interesting for me. However, when a person moves to another
municipality, this change is interesting. Both have mutcode==3. Is it
possible to do something similar to (2) here for the persons that
moved to another municipality and something similar to (1) when they
move within a municipality.
replace mutcode=4 /*if person move to another municipality

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