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st: gllamm

From   "Stella Capuano" <>
Subject   st: gllamm
Date   Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:16:37 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Statalisters,
I have problems with stata command gllamm: it says that the likelihood
cannot be computed because missing values were encountered during the
computation. I don't understand what it means (my data do not have missing
I have, hopefully correctly, reshaped the data in this way
individual alternative choice
1                1            0
1                2            0
1                3            1
1                4            0
etc...for each individual. The command I type is:
gllamm alternative age1 age2 age3 age4 un_rate_1 un_rate_2 un_rate_3
un_rate4, i(individual) link(mlogit) expanded(individual choice o)
where age1, age2, age3, age4 are age dummies (each for one age category)
and un_rate_1, un_rate_2, un_rate_3, un_rate_4 are regional unemployment
rates (indeed the alternatives are regions.
Honestly, I haven't understood properly what to specify in option i(),
however I always get the same error message.
Please, can anyone give me a hand?
Thanks a lot,
Stella Capuano
c/o Collegio Carlo Alberto
Via Real Collegio, 30
Moncalieri (TO)

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