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st: RE: overlay

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: overlay
Date   Thu, 10 Apr 2008 16:02:56 +0100

-overlay- is a user-written command: the latest version visible to me is
on SSC. 

(You are asked to state where user-written commands you use come from.) 

As that version of -overlay- is written for Stata 7, it is incompatible
with graphics commands 
such as -twoway lfitci- written for Stata 8 up. 

Stata 8 up has its own overlay language, and that is what I recommend: 

twoway lfitci y x if z == 1 || lfitci y x if z == 2 

That said, I don't know why you get the error you do. There is a
user-written command -sto-
(also on SSC, and also very out-of-date), but I don't think it is
connected with -overlay-. 
Installing -sto- would not fix the limitation of -overlay- for your


Berthold Hoppe

I try to overlay two linear prediction plots using

overlay y x, by(z) function(twoway lfitci).

The linear regressions are made, but before graphing a black screen,  
the error "unrecognized command: sto" r(199) is shown.

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